What to Pay Attention to When Bluffing

What to Pay Attention to When Bluffing

Bluffing in poker, is either a players favorite thing to do, or a players least favorite thing to do.  A lot of this will have to do with the players’ ability to sell the bluff, and also to be able to follow through with their big time bluffs as well.  Bluffing isn’t an easy thing to do, and it’s something that takes some time to excel at, but once you do, it can be a great thing to add to your poker game.  One thing that you MUST know about a bluff in poker, is that you need to be able to sell it all the way.  What this means is that you can’t slow down on your bet sizing, or give up ANYTHING when bluffing, because you want your opponent to believe you 100%.  Today we are going to give some tips and strategy to help you become a better all around bluffer, and also make sure that you don’t give anything away to the player on the other side of the table.


Going All the Way Through With It

This is KEY when it comes to bluffing.  If you decide to throw out your bet after the flop, and then bet the same amount on the turn, you most likely aren’t going to scare anyone off.  This is especially true if the same situation arises after the river, because this is your final chance to get your opponent out of the hand.  Your bet sizing should be increasing each time, and the final river bet should be a good one.  Remember, if you are going to go with a bluff, make sure you go at it in the appropriate way.

Paying Attention to the Board

Selling your bluff is huge, but there are also times where you need to pay attention to the board to make sure that a dreadful card doesn’t come, and you just keep betting into it.  If your opponent is calling you down to the river, and that river card connects a potential flush or straight, it might be time to just check and let your opponent make their decision.  This is called cutting your losses, and while it won’t work every time, it’s a much better idea than throwing out a huge (potentially all-in bet), that could cost you your tournament life.  Always be careful about what the board says, and don’t bet into a bad situation if you can avoid it!

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