Aces Pro Poker Tournament Table

Aces Pro Poker Tournament Table


> 94” long × 48” wide × 30” high
> Dimensions of table may be customized to your needs
> Your custom graphics printed on the playing surface
> Dye sublimation graphics printed in true full-spectrum color

Heavy Duty
> Heavy duty folding legs constructed of 1.2 mm tube steel
> Solid wood pedestal legs are available upon request
> Reinforced frame supports over 300 lbs of direct weight

> Removable armrest upholstered in premium durable vinyl
> Optional 4” aluminum cup holders inserted in armrest

Dealer Spot
> Optional dealer spot with molded plastic dealer tray
> Mounted dealer tray removable for cleaning
> Optional mounted drop box

Product Description

The Aces Pro poker table is a highly versatile, heavy – duty folding leg professional poker
table specifi cally designed for high – end tournament setup and card rooms around the
world. The Aces Pro tournament poker table provides the durability, portability, and longevity
that top tier poker tournament organizers demand. Durable enough for card rooms
and heavy tournament action yet still perfect for home tournaments.
Strength and versatility are the foundation of the Aces Pro table, with a playing surface
that can easily withstand over 300 pounds of direct downforce pressure. The heavy – duty
folding legs lock into position and are constructed of 1.2 mm industrial strength tube steel.
The Aces Pro poker table has a removable armrest for easy access to the removable
playing surface making it easy to swap out fabric colors and surface materials.
The Aces Pro playing surface can be customized with a personalized graphic including
logos, sports teams, or text. We will deliver your tables to any destination in the world to
facilitate quick and effi cient tournament set up.


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